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Most popular usage of the internet is checking the mailbox. Spreading your message to high volumes of mail boxes will generate thousands of visits to your website and will boost your sales


Frequently Asked Questions

How will you know, if you don't ask?
We collected the most common questions, which people ask us regarding internet marketing, advancement on search engines and building websites:

Q: Why is a website needed?
A: Network businesses have a higher potential to reach their wanted target audience, therefore, a website (especially to an existing business) enables the potential clients to find you, to receive information about the nature of your activities, which could not be obtained by no other means and to develop new commerce connections.

 Q: I have a website. Why should I market it?
 A: Right marketing will enable you accurate access to your target audience, to significantly increase your target audience's exposure to your website and its awareness to your business. When you operate internet marketing, the trick is to reach that same surfer, which can turn out to be your next customer.

Q: What is the best search engine?
A: There is no such concept, as best search engine. Each search engine indexes internet websites, according to different parameters. Google is the most popular search engine in the world, in a considerable margin from its competitors.
Some search engines (for sample Msn Live) are influenced more by update frequency done in a website; therefore, it is likely they’ll display content websites, rather than commercial websites on the first page of their search results.
Google is also the most popular search engine worldwide, Even though additional search engines, such as Yahoo, are popular and considered in high standard throughout the world.

Q: How do you measure success, when operating internet marketing?
A: Very simply! There are 3 prominent criteria: The first criterion is movement in the website (receiving responses, statistics and such).
The second criterion is site ranking according to search engines. A search engine such as Google, which is a world leading search engine, measures the website's links and its capabilities to reach far more potential clients.
The third criterion is an increase in sales, by means of the Internet. After promoting the website on search engines and assisting with focused internet advertising, we shall improve the website's conversion ratio and turn many surfers to interested costumers.

 Q: Why are your prices significantly lower comparing to other sites?
 A: As known, products and services, which are given or sold by means of the Internet - cost lower due to lower operation costs.
We choose to give this reduction in those costs to our clients, who benefit from it.

 Q: Could you refer us to examples of your last project?
 A: Of course!!! And it is also possible to read recommendations of our clients.

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Q: Is E-mail Advertising legal in South Africa?

Any person, who sends unsolicited commercial communications to consumers, must provide the consumer:

1. With the option to cancel his or her subscription to the mailing list of that person; and.

2. With the identifying particulars of the source, from which that person obtained the consumer's personal information, on request of the consumer.

When we are performing electronic mailing for our clients, we assure that its performance is done according to the aforesaid law and enable for all addressee, the possibility to remove himself permanently from the distribution list receive advertisement offers, in the future. For additional details click here.


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